Sunday, 22 April 2012

La la la (Challenge: April 2012 - 'Language')

The  challenge for the month of April is Language. 

I love learning new languages (still determined to learn Spanish this year) so my initial thought was to do a piece about translation. However, another idea then came to me - the confusion that can arise in text messaging, as you never really know exactly how a message is meant. So, I am now working on a piece about what can be between the lines in text messages. I think it will be a sewn piece, but I'm still working on the design at the moment!

"The world is a book..." - March challenge

A bit late on the update, but this is the finished product from the March challenge "Mixed Media".

It started with painting blue waves on a canvas, then I stuck various selections from a world map - countries I have visited and ones I wish to travel to in the near future.

The map is a out of proportion as there are large areas missing and I wanted to include a quote. I found the following by St Augustine: "The world is a book and those who do not travel read only one page".

Once the paint had dried I sewed the routes I have travelled in red. I intended to sew planned routes in green, but the wooden frame of the canvas made it quite difficult to do so I left it with just the red.

Now I'm getting on with April's challenge: "Language" - watch this space!