Wednesday, 18 January 2012

Challenge: January 2012 - 'New'

I recently signed up to the "Creative Every Day Challenge" on the following website: 

The theme for January is "New".
I was a little late starting this challenge, but every month from now on I intend to follow the stimulus and blog about it.

At first I thought 'I could learn a new skill - maybe to crochet, or sign up for a photography course....' etc. In essence, I was thinking of adding to the skills I already have (or think I have!).

But then somebody showed me the following article:

It really struck a chord with me.

In 2010 I left the UK to go travelling for a while - I ended up being away for eight months in total. Only a handful of people in the UK had my international/Aussie phone number and I deliberately did not go online every single day - once a week was probably my average. I loved being away from it all - I could not understand how so many people had a laptop in their rucksack and had the need to Skype home every day. What was the point in being on the other side of the world?!
I chose that time to focus on other things - I read an average of 1.3 books a week in those eight months and listened to more music than I can remember! I also kept journals/scrapbooks detailing the sights I had seen, the people I had met and the highs and lows of being on my own, exploring other countries and cultures.

I often miss the simplicity that my travelling alter-ego enjoyed.

The challenge I have chosen for January is in fact not all that new, but more of a step towards how it used to be... simpler.

Every day for at least one hour I will switch off from everything - no phone, no TV, no iTunes, no e-mail, no facebook, no internet... Just me, the quiet, my thoughts and maybe a pen and paper. And who knows, maybe (or should I say, hopefully,) something creative will emerge... Maybe I'll finally finish the synopsis for a novel that has been whirring in my mind over the last year or so, or even design the costumes for the show I want to produce...

One hour.
Every day.

Let the challenge begin...


  1. I think an hour being switched-off (electrically) is a really good idea. Where did you go when you travelled?

    1. I think it'll be quite a challenge - but hoping something productive will come of it!

      On that trip I went to Thailand, Malaysia, Singapore and Australia - just over a month in Asia then seven months in Aus. Malaysia is an incredible place to visit - I'd love to go back as was only there for two weeks and there is still so much to see!

  2. I love your concept, I wonder if I could do the same thing being a student. For some reason I don't think so, not with a trip abroad in my very near future. I'm going to keep this idea tucked away and try it sometime over the summer, when I return home.

    Your journey sounds amazing, Where in Australia did you visit? I'm going to be in Adelaide for 4 1/2 months.

    Have a great day and enjoy your hour of solace.

    1. It was quite tough to start it today... I don't like silence!

      What are you studying?

      I went from Sydney round to Darwin via the west coast. I loved Adelaide - it's so peaceful in comparison to the other cities. There's a cruise at Port Adelaide where you can see dolphins in the river - it was one of the highlights for me! This is their website:

      On a clear day it's definitely worth going up Mount Lofty - The walk down is beautiful.
      I'm sure you'll have an amazing time!

  3. BRAVO to you! An hour a day of being alone with your thoughts will surely feed your creativity - and especially your writing! I'm sending good vibes your way. :-)
    happy CED! xoxo

    1. Thank you!
      It's proven to be quite a challenge - an hour doesn't sound like a lot until you try to find one in the day, every day! Hehe!