Wednesday, 15 February 2012


Have you ever heard of "T-Shaped People"?
Me neither.

There is a lot of discussion concerning collaboration as a tool to enhance creativity. (I will return to that subject another day). Earlier I stumbled upon this interesting blog. I believe that the idea of "T-Shaped People" is a fantastic way to consider group dynamics - in any teamwork situation. I have copied the final part of the blog below:

  • Specialists are “I-Shaped People” – people who have depth of expertise, without breadth of skills

  • Generalists are “Minus-Shaped People” – people who have a breadth of skills, but no depth of expertise.

  • Specializing Generalists are “T-Shaped People” – people who have depth of expertise in one area, combined with a breadth of skills across many areas.

  • What an interesting way to think about teamwork!


    1. Interesting concept; however, I like to look at people as circular, no beginning and no end and the team is also this way, a well rounded team anyways... just my thoughts.