Thursday, 23 February 2012

What Disney, Microsoft and Burger King have in common: Making something from not-a-lot

A few days ago I watched the following video: The Daily Politics on BBC iPlayer. Just after 20 minutes into the programme (20m 17s to be exact) the issue of businesses having to be innovative in the current climate is brought up. In a challenging environment businesses often have to rethink their strategies as consumer behaviour is affected by a tightening of the purse-strings.

But rather than merely survive, some companies have grown and thrived by refocussing, being creative and spotting opportunities missed by competitors. The world-famous companies listed below are just a few examples (more details available here):

Walt Disney Productions - reincorporated during the Great Depression (1929)
Burger King - began in a recession (1954)
Microsoft - began in a recession (1975)
MTV - began during an economic downturn (1981)
CNN - began in a recession (1980)
FedEx - began in a recession (1973)
Hewlett-Packard - founded at the end of the Great Depression (1939)
So does this mean that creative people can lead the way?
After all, artists (in the broadest sense of the word) often work with limited materials and finances and yet can produce works of value - J K Rowling and the Harry Potter series springs to mind.
Just a thought...

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